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Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Pologne

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Galvanized steel screws GT 8 and GT 12


The Ice Arena in Tomaszów Mazowiecki is the first indoor skating track in Poland.

Since its launch, it has become the home of Polish skaters - Polish championships in speed skating are taking place here. Thanks the multipurpose facility in the Arena is also trained by athletes from other winter disciplines: figure skating, hockey, short track. Although Ice Arena is adapted for professional players, with pleasure it is also visited by residents and guests who actively spend their free time.
The capacity of the Ice Arena is 292 thousand. m3. This is one of the largest constructional structures of this type in Poland.


Semi-circular surfaces accounted for more than 50% of the roofing material. At the same time,
due to the shape of the cover, sheet metal sheets or membranes were not the same. We needed engineers to cover every roof section of the roof individually select the optimal connectors, their spacing and number, for each the edge of the panel was cut to another dimension.

Etanco solution

Used ETANCO G2 plastic sleeves with insulating connectors together with self-tapping GTS-B self-drilling. The sleeves are made of high quality of impact-resistant polypropylene, and connectors made of carbon steel surface hardened and protected with a special anti-corrosion treatment
gRey.coat coating (resistance: 1000 hours in a salt chamber and 15 Kesternich cycles in SO2). The proposed set is used for fixing materials insulation in flat roof applications.
In addition, the metal elements of the cover were attached to the structure galvanized steel screws GT 8 and GT 12 made of carbon steel.

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