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Lyon, France

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Conseil Général du Rhône

Project architect

Coop Himmelbau



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In 2010, the Rhône region decided to start the construction of a museum devoted to civilisations, natural history and anthropology at the confluence of Rhône et Saone rivers. Completed in November 2014, the museum is a 8.700m² modern designed building, with 14 mid- and 3 main pillars supporting the massive 6.000 tonnes glass cloud-like canopy. The building offers many different room spaces including 2 concert rooms. 
The project displays a spectacular architecture in two parts : one cristal piece of 1.900m² made mainly of glass and one "cloud" of 10.900m² made of stainless steel cladding on 4 stories.


A major project for the city of Lyon by the size of the building (190m long, 90m wide and 41m high), the project adds to the complexity the mix of materials used: glass, stainless steel and other metals. The challenge was to design and supply a facade system that could meet the architectural design and manage the different materials used.

Etanco solution

The ETANCO Group brought in a complete facade system solution including: the ISOLCO stainless steel facade bracket system, particularly adapted to sustain heavy loads and with an anti-corrosion functionality, and the BARACO anchors to ensure safery for fitters and high mechanical resistance. 

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