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Goleniów, Pologne

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Bosch Group

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GTR and GTX SP screws


The SIA Abrasives company belonging to the Bosch Group is one of the largest
in the world, manufacturers of abrasive abrasives and grinding systems. The Polish branch of the company is based in Goleniów near Szczecin and deals with the processing, packaging and distribution of griding systems in Poland and in the Baltic States. Expansion of the production plant abrasives in the Goleniów Industrial Park, including construction of a production and warehouse hall, allowed for relocation of the plant from the Swisserland (Frauenfeld).


The construction uses sandwich panels with a mineral wool shaft fixed to the skeleton of a concrete structure with a fused element steel substructure.
The challenge was to fit the right type of fasteners, which it will provide an optimal and lasting connection taking into account the reduced free quantity the space between the element of the steel substructure and the concrete substrate.

Etanco solution

GTR 12 SP, GTR 16 SP varnished screws were made from carbon steel and GTX 12 SP screws made in BI-METAL technology, designed for fastening sandwich panels to both cold-rolled ones steel profiles as well as steel constructions made of sections hot rolled.
The self-drilling fasteners are covered with a special coating like gRey.coat, thanks why they show increased resistance to salt, water, chemical compounds and high temperature.
The applied Powder.coat modern coating ensures durability during assembly, it provides additional protection against corrosion and ideally adapts to the fastening element.

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