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Magurele, Bucarest, Roumanie

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Entrepreneur -Strabag ; Poseur – Austrodach

Hold solution

Gamme EVB DF - Plaquettes en métal / EHBDF, BATIFAST, BETOFAST, Rondelles métalliques


ELI-NP is the most advanced research facility in the world focusing on the study of photonuclear physics and its applications. 

Located in Romania, near Bucarest, it's a high building of 33.000m². It costed 356.2 millions financed at 80% by the European Union.


It's always a challenge to achieve a nuclear physics research building. In addition to the specificities of the land on which it's built, it faces a lot of data: chemical activity of the building, daily work with dangerous materials.

Etanco solution

This state of the art Romanian  R&D center deserved the best. Our customer chose our EVB DF+ metal washers fastening solutions for a great resistance to corrosion and a full European Certification (ETA #8/0239).


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