Building envelope


154 Rue des Champs Elysées, Paris, France

Date achievement

2015 Début de la rénovation

Owner building


Project architect

Bruno Moinard



Industrial partner


Hold solution

BARACO -healy load anchors - ISOLCO facade bracket & extension / massives stones support system


Located at the 154 avenue des Champs-Elysées, the historical building built under french second empire has been for 10 years now the house of Cartier boutique. In 2015, Cartier decided to renovate all of its boutiques across the world. The Champs-Elysées boutique was no exception. Contacted by one of its clients, ILDEI, the ETANCO Group is proud to have contributed to this renovation.
In a couple of figures: building of 650m², entirely renovated. The renovation of the facade with stapled stone cladding lasted around 8 months.


The challenge for the project was to find a technical solution to make the stone lintels of the entrance of the boutique mobile to enable access to the command of the security metal gate of the boutique. Adding to the technical complexity, was the fact that the building itself is a french historical building.

Etanco solution

The solution designed by ETANCO Group design office and produced in-house involved a set of welded stainless steel pieces with atriculated arms that enabled the moving of the stone lintels. The BARACO anchors were chosen to sustain the heavy stone facade frame and the ISOLCO bracket for its mechanical performances.

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