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Cours Jules Ladoumegue, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Owner building


Project architect

Herzog et de Meuron



Industrial partner

VINCI Concessions et FAYAT ADIM Sud-Ouest (Vinci Construction France) ; SOFIMA (Fayat Group)

Hold solution



The stadium is characterized by a "forest" of columns and a singular rectangular roof which marks his wish to stand out from the others. In figures, this project represents:  18.6 Ha for site, 4.6 Ha for stadium, 41 000 m3 of concrete, 644 metallic circular poles,  a metal framework of 12,000 tons, 42 115 seats.

ETANCO Group participated in the realization of this stadium for the roofing and the anchoring.



With a location around Bordeaux city, the corrosive atmosphere was the main criterion for choosing. The structure also required high-performance fixations for supporting the heavy load of the concrete.

Etanco solution

For this building, our anchor range BARACO was chosen for its characteristics: excellent holding in the concrete, fitting safety (self-expanding anchor) and its stainless steel cover which insures a high corrosion resistance. For the roofing, we proposed our hi-thread system ZACROVIS (15 Kesternich cycles) which offers a high corrosion resistance and get a painted head for an esthetic integration.   

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