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Phnom Penh, Cambodge

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FACALU system , ISOLALU, BARACO anchors


To face its touristic attractiveness, from 5 thousands travelers to 10 thousands, Phnom Penh airport had to improve its ability to welcome. The airport was expanded during 2013-2016 and those expansions had an important cost: more than 100 thousands of dollars. 

Etanco group took a part in this construction work on the cladding renewal.


What was expected: to give efficiency highly corrosion resistance solutions for the renovated section on the whole facade. The place needed a highly corrosion resistance because of all the chemical agents present on the airport (Kerosene) associated at the country tropical atmosphere.

Etanco solution

Etanco group choose FACALU system, a complete insulation system supported by aluminum framework. We supplied brackets from ISOLALU range which allows a quick installation thanks to its clamps and anchors from BARACO range for high load.

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