920 people
42 years old on average
10 years tenure on average
Entrepreneur mind-set, family spirit at the service of the customer
Knowledge management
Curiosity and learning

We put talent development first

  • Candy


    Export Manager

    It is not every day that you get the chance to join a company where one the top priorities is to focus on their employees ambitions. “The family business” state of mind,deeply encoded in the DNA of Etanco's staff, allowed me to benefit from countless years of collective experience. Thanks to this knowledge, I moved up the organization, always relying on a very solid technical background. Hired as an export assistant, I quickly moved on to a position within the supply chain department, which allowed me to get the “rhythm” of the full process, from customer order to shipment. I then returned to the export department as the export customer service manager. After 18 months I then moved up again to my current position asExport manager. Managing a team, it is now my turn to share my knowledge, train and challenge the new Etanco recruits. My sole purpose: to offer the best team and solutions to our export customers

  • Carlos


    Logistics manager

    I started as a tempon the warehouse floor. After 5 years, I became deputy to thelogistics manager before accessing to the position of logistics manager. Etanco trusted me, today I manage more than 80 people across several departments. It gave me the opportunity to grow and to get involved in a family business.The working atmosphere between managers and workers is great. Through the constant improvement of our working methods, organization and IT processes, we are all, as a real team, looking in the same direction: our customers' satisfaction

  • Jefferson


    Technical service advisor

    I joined Etanco as a technician in the R&D center. As a motivated hardworker, I was looking for an opportunity to find a position more in tune with my academic background. I found the perfect job at ETANCO's Methods and Industrial process department. Today I am in charge of the improvement of all our production equipments. I am proud to be actively involved in the evolutionof our working environment. I have learned a lot thanks to Etanco in a variety of fields and subjects especially mechanics. ETANCO is a great place to grow.

  • Imad


    Metal press technician

    I started as Temp worker on Etanco's factory floor. Soon enough, I went through a whole training process and I was eventually recruited as full timeMetal press technician at the welding shop. Thanks to Etanco I can now operate several kinds of state of the art equipment. I am glad to be part of a team of people passionate about the job and the company.

  • Michael


    Team leader

    I started as a temp on Etanco's factory floor. I focused all my energy on the job and I am proud to say that my efforts paid off: I was promoted to Team leader. I am also proud to say that Etanco believed in me and in what I am capable of. What I like the most about my job is the fact that I must talk to very different people from different departments in order to achieve our common objective. We all worktogether, in a greatatmosphere.

  • Vianney


    Sales representative

    I started as Technical advisor in the internal sales Department. Throughout my experience in internal sales department, my manager trained and coached me. He knew that my target was to go out on the road and start selling face to face with the customer. My sales and technical background was built up thanks to daily interactions with colleagues who are passionate about their work. Today, when I look back at everything I achieved, I feel proud and excited about tomorrow's challenges.

Why choose Etanco ?

Choose a group that builds itself generation after generation

Choose a group that will enable you to reveal your true talent.

Choose a group that makes sustainable growth its daily mission.

Choose a group that builds itself generation after generation

Choose a group that will enable you to reveal your true talent

Choose a group that makes sustainable growth its daily mission

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