Main missions are :


Manufacturing, precision machining, boiler making


Improvement of the means availability, preventive and corrective maintenance


Order preparation, expedition, delivery in compliance with needs

Planning & scheduling

Optimization of flows, coordination of production, scheduling, timeliness

Production Agent

With pride, I like saying that I contribute, for 34 years, to the customer satisfaction by packing quality parts in due course. I'm mastering perfectly my manufacturing line and I ensure the proper progress of every preparation stage. I participate actively in the manufacturing process for our customers who are in France or abroad.

Driver and logistic agent

I receive the goods and I forward them in the various workshops and services, either to supply our stock, or to manufacture our products. When the order is ready, I ensure the preparation and the shipment in accordance with the customer needs, regardless of the volume. We are in permanent contact with the drivers in charge of the customer's delivery.


Jobs Offers