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Bucharest is a booming city with a lot of construction projects such as the extension of its subway with the creation of the M5 line. Located in a very active seismic zone, the subway of Bucharest is the widest of Europe.

Our local partner TITAN MAR (Bucharest) undertakes the construction work for 6 stations of this new subway line with the installation of fireproofed steel cladding and fastened stone. To support these materials, we selected our system FACALU with the aluminum shelf brackets ISOLALU LR 150 (fixed point) and ISOLALU LR 80 (point of expansion), and the adjustable fastening SRM. Our invisible system allows to adjust the architecture to the building with aestheticism and reliability.

For this building site, the products were delivered from our subsidiary Etanco Romania which has locally dealed with the project for 18 months with the support of our research department located in France.  

We also obtained, with the help of our partner TITAN MAR, the Romanian legal notices for our solutions ISOLALU and SRM.