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Two years ago, Etanco Group acquired Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. Z o.o, and the factory located in Orneta, in Poland. Poland is a strategical place to increase the Etanco Group activities to other countries, especially in Eastern Europe

The Etanco Group entrance in Poland has been associated, first, to a re-branding: a new logo, new visuals, packaging and marketing. Then, a new headquarter located in Warsaw has been opened to welcome the management, the sales and product research and development teams. As well a training center and an exhibition hall has been created in this place.

Since those 2 years, Etanco Poland representants attend to local Industrial events, such as International Construction and Architecture fair in Budma, and the annual meeting of DAFA

Those events represent an opportunity for ETANCO Poland to show its large range of fasteners and fastening systems for the construction industry.  It permits, as well, to establish valuable commercial contacts with potential partners.

New technologies developpment  in the Orneta Factory drove to expand the product rang offer. New departments have been created, such as the plastic processing. 5 Modern injection molding machines have been set up, in Orneta, to produce polypropylene, polyamide plastic sleeves and expansion plugs.

Etanco Poland improves constantly his customers service, by reinforcing the number of its technical specialists, technical sales representative, and Research and Developpement  employees. Those strategical departments will be further developed in the future. 

The Etanco entrance in Poland was a challenge which has been successfully met, and which boosted to the group's development with the creation of new opportunities, with helping to modernize and increase the production capacity of its commercial offer.